Kirkorov has selected the apartment because of debts

У Филиппа Киркорова отобрали квартиру из-за долгов

The estate of the famous singer Philip Kirkorov in Latvia has put up for sale along with technique, and all from-for debts.

How to write media, the Latvian Bank ABLV Bank through the Tagansky court of Moscow has collected the debt for the apartment. The amount of 54 million rubles, which is about 20 million hryvnia.

It is known that Philip in 2016, acquired the property in Latvia ABLV Bank loan, and then allegedly refused to carry out the corresponding payments to the financial institution. Writes to the Telegram channel Mash, Philip owed 875,24 779 Euro, and the Bank intended to seek recovery of 230 million rubles. Starting the price at which the property will be put up for auction – 193 257 846 RUB.

Separately also sell expensive equipment that was personally purchased the “king” of the Russian stage. Will go under the hammer oven, air conditioners and even a coffee machine Philip Kirkorov.

According to the lawyer of the singer, no confiscation of property was not. Myself say this news has not yet commented.

У Филиппа Киркорова отобрали квартиру из-за долгов

У Филиппа Киркорова отобрали квартиру из-за долгов