Kiselev gave Zelensky by the Board before the meeting with Putin: “can’t take a punch”

In mass media appeared information that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has all the chances to win the head of the Russian Federation in the negotiations in the Normandy format on Monday 9 December. This idea was voiced by journalist Yevgeny Kiselyov.

According to the journalist, Zelensky has qualities that will definitely help in negotiations with Putin to defend the interests of the state to stop the war in the East of Ukraine. The fact that Putin has really huge experience in politics and “likes to push” their opponents that they openly showed before the meeting channel four. However, when you meet a strong man who persistently and categorically promoting their position, Putin passes. According to Kiselyov, the head of the Russian Federation starts to play up, to manipulate and distort the facts, which leads to errors.

Kiselev is convinced that against a strong, confident and principled opponent of Putin to take a punch can’t. For this reason the President of Ukraine has all the chances to get what you want at the meeting in Paris.

Kiselev also added that the President of Ukraine is now in a situation of a skier goes, however, the skis go in different directions. On the one hand, the pressure of international partners, and on the other the pressure “of the dying, but proud” of political forces in the form of “European solidarity”, the “Fatherland” and “the Voice”. However, Vladimir Zelensky many times you’ve talked about “red lines” that will not be able to move that just like to forget these words, according to Kiselyov, is impossible.