Kiva spoke in detail about the attack on him by a veteran of anti-terrorist operation in Kiev café

Кива подробно рассказал о нападении на него ветераном АТО в киевском кафе

MP from the faction “the Opposition platform For life,” Ilya Kiva said that he was attacked in the capital’s cafes. This he said in the air of a great political talk show “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NEWSONE on January 22.

He stressed that the last six months there has been a systemic provocation of the power of opposition politicians and deputies. It’s different: stock insults in social networks, direct phone calls to relatives and so on.

“Today, in one of the cafes of Kiev, the man who calls himself a veteran and a member of ATO, began when people shout insults at my address. He arrived in the cafe, accompanied by guards with military weapons and armored vehicles. That is, that we have today are the war veterans who come in armored Mercedes 600 thousand dollars,” – said Kiva.

“In the cafe were children, so I had to get up and make him remark that he’d shut his mouth and stopped to insult me and say abusive words. After that, the subject punched me in the face. By and large, I understand that this is a direct provocation. Everyone was waiting for what I supposed to answer him and hurt him. I restrained myself, he ran his security, I calmly called the police, they testified this fact, interviewed witnesses and gave direction to a forensic examination. I’m sincere, serious damage I received was not going to fall into a swoon and lay for two weeks in the hospital. No, it’s the fact of the lawlessness and the level of provocations that occur in our country”, – added the MP.

Kiva has promised to send a parliamentary inquiry as to who allowed this subject to move with state protection.

“This subject I know work in law enforcement structures. In 2015-2016 in Mariupol, he was involved in looting, in 2017-2018 – the spread of hard drugs in 2018 – was involved in the shooting from the grenade launcher of the state construction Committee. He subsequently fled to America, where he was detained for a number of crimes. He returns and falls under the protection of the security Service of Ukraine, which it effectively uses to discredit the authorities”, – he concluded.