Klimenko: the police in the jurisdiction will respond to the violation of quarantine

Клименко: полиция в пределах компетенции будет реагировать на нарушение норм карантина

The Head of the National police of Ukraine declared today, April 3, during the course of conference calls meeting with participation of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko and the leadership of regional police departments.

First of all, the attendees discussed the main provisions of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine concerning the strengthening of quarantine measures.

In particular, from 6 April it is forbidden to:

  • to move through the streets in groups of more than two persons, except in cases of service needs and support of children;
  • to be outside without masks, respirators and identity documents;
  • to be in public places no person under 14 years of age unaccompanied by adults;
  • visit parks, gardens, recreation areas, sports and playgrounds, woodland and coastal areas, except for walking Pets one person and in the case of a service necessity;
  • regular and occasional transport of passengers in urban, suburban, intercity, intraregional, and interregional communication, in addition to transportation of passenger cars and of certain categories of persons;
  • leaving places of observation.

“This is a list of persons in need of isolation. This person, who had contact with the patient COVID-19, sick person or suspected infection not requiring hospitalization, people who have reached 60 years of age. Semisalova persons (except for patients with coronavirus) in the absence of a guardian are allowed access nearby places of business, and walking Pets.

“It should be noted that the term isolation is defined by the doctor, and control over the conditions of the isolation provided by the employees of the National police, the soldiers of the national guard and representatives of other authorities”, – said the Chairman of the National police of Ukraine Igor Klimenko.

Also Natspolitsiya will provide support vehicles during the transportation of organized groups of people to places of observation. In the case of appointment of the relevant obligation in the mobile application Unified public web-portal of electronic services include data on the identity, place of isolation and contact.

“Any violations of the law we will respond within competence. I stress the need for full control over compliance with the requirements of this regulation. This is a very important question! If outreach that we for a long time, does not bring results, match offenders administerial and send to the court,” – said the head of national police.

While Igor Klimenko stressed that to make an administrative material for infringement of rules of quarantine of people, except for police officers, entitled the persons authorized to health authorities, sanitary-epidemiological stations, Executive committees of councils of all levels.

Taking into account the strengthening of quarantine measures, police officers together with servicemen of the national guard will fulfill the Park and recreational areas. In addition, together with local authorities will ensure the monitoring of compliance with the requirements prescribed in the resolution of the chief state sanitary doctor, in the case of adoption by local authorities of the decision on the reopening of markets.

“We continue harder to serve, including the verification of compliance with quarantine. And we are not tired to repeat: the health of all depends on the discipline and awareness of each! Therefore, please do not ignore the recommendations of doctors and to comply with all the quarantine restrictions,” – summed up the head of the National police of Ukraine.

The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the basis of the work of the police is prevention:

“We spend a lot of effort to explain to everyone why it is important to respect the temporary restrictions. And have repeatedly said: our goal is not to punish the offender and prevent offences. But there are people that persistently ignore the requirements of the Government and the doctors. Stress: persistent violators are subject to administrative responsibility and amounts of fines need to know everything. It is also a kind of prevention. So the police work in all countries. For example, in France as of April 1, composed of 358 thousand administrative protocols for violation of the quarantine.”