Klimkin announced the visit of Giuliani in Ukraine: People want to play games, not knowing the rules

Климкин об отмененном визите Джулиани в Украину: Люди хотят играть в игры, не понимая правил

Requests to comment on the cancellation of the visit of the lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani to Ukraine as an element of bilateral relations cause the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin friendly smile.

“Of course, there are always people who want to play some games, not understanding, neither what are the rules of these games, none of the participants in these games. It’s sad. But, listen, comment on possible visits by Giuliani as part of bilateral relations – it gives me a very friendly smile,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin at a briefing in Brussels on 13 may, the channel “112 Ukraine” was broadcast.

Klimkin said that Ukraine has not yet become a hostage of the US presidential election to be held in 2020.

“While 100% did not, but everyone should think about what he’s doing. Such a threat is theoretically there. Practical today, I see. We work hard to avoid this. If it happens is the worst thing that can happen for our partnership and friendship with the United States,” – said the Minister.

The most important thing is that Ukraine was able to achieve bipartisan consensus in the U.S. Congress for its support, said Klimkin.

“We have to support it. It’s actually important. The fact that we have always been,” – he stressed.

In March 2019, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko in an interview to a television version of the American publication the Hill has hinted that the dismissal of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in 2016 was due to the business of the company Burisma, where he worked as the son of the then Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden hunter.

Company Burisma owned by the Minister of environment of the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych, Mykola Zlochevsky. After the events of 2014 the Prosecutor General began to investigate possible criminal violations by the company.

In 2016 Biden senior demanded to dismiss Shokin, threatening that the US will provide Ukraine $1 billion loan guarantee.

According to Lutsenko, in fact, contained the materials that the members of the Board of Directors of Burisma, which included Biden’s son, received $17 million that did not mean, said the head of the GPU, what they knew about the “dark origin” of the money.

In recent days Shokin one of the three cases, the GPU on Burisma transferred to the National anti-corruption Bureau, which from the first days of its existence received support from the U.S. Embassy, says Lutsenko. In NABU, in his words, the production closed.

25 APR Biden Sr. announced his intention to run for President in 2020. According to polls, he is ahead on the popularity of the incumbent President of the trump.

On may 2 The New York Times wrote that the team trump pushed Lutsenko to investigate the activities of Biden Jr. is in Ukraine to use this against Biden senior.

May 10 The New York Times wrote that Giuliani has declared its intention to go to Kiev for a meeting with the newly elected President, Vladimir Zelensky, to convince to continue the investigation, which could benefit Trump. According to the publication, the motivation of the lawyer trump is to try to discredit the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, to destroy the case against political consultant Paul Manafort and potentially harm Biden.

The same day Giuliani canceled a trip to Kiev out of fear to fall into the group of people who are enemies of the President of Ukraine, “and in some cases enemies of the United States.”