Klimkin boasted how drunk with Lavrov in Minsk, and then “extruded” it

Климкин похвастался, как пьянствовал с Лавровым в Минске, а затем "прессовал" его

Ready to resign as foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin suddenly shared the memories of his participation in the Minsk process. It is reported by UNN.

So, according to the Minister, participation in the Minsk agreements remained perhaps the most significant event during the tenure.

Recalls Klimkin, at the beginning of negotiations in February 2015, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has offered his German French and Ukrainian counterpart to dine vodka brand “Belovezhskaya”.

“When it all began, Lavrov me and my German and French colleagues led to a private room, ordered a bottle – I think it was something like “Bialowieza” (brand of vodka – ed.) and said let’s start negotiations with that drink. Looks at me like Laurent Fabius, the French Minister, and asked: “Can drink?” The German Minister, Frank Walter Starmer, who is now Federal President, is also looking at me from another angle: “Is this drinking?” I give him the nod. Lavrov but his whole appearance showed that he was not home. Well, we began to extrude from the three of us go to Putin”, – said Klimkin.

Recall that the negotiations with the representatives of the Russian Federation in Minsk in 2015 lasted for 18 and a half hours.

Klimkin said that the former President of France Francois Hollande brought a few memories about these negotiations in his book.

Earlier, foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin supported the updates of the presidential Administration.

“With sincere respect to the first personal appointments of Vladimir Zelensky. I would have to place the administration of the reboot as a fact and as a class. She’s already quite useless aura and karma. Even good people, as practice shows, the situation can not save,” – said the Minister.

The Minister of foreign Affairs believes that “the President’s office without unnecessary bureaucracy, with effective support and the best people would be a more attractive option”. “By the way, the same trouble with the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers”, – said the Minister.