Klitschko said the words Zelensky about the “Ukrbud”

Кличко прокомментировал слова Зеленского по поводу "Укрбуда"

As of may 22, there are three problematic issues with unfinished projects of the Corporation “ukrbud”, but they are not within the purview of the mayor of Kiev and the city authorities.

About it today, 22 may, said Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko at the briefing, reports “observer”.

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So the mayor answered the journalists ‘ question about the words of President Vladimir Zelensky that Klitschko should join the issue of completion of projects “Ukrbud”.

“I want to emphasize that the company “ukrbud” – not some cowboy firm. The founder of the company and the Corporation, under which the construction is the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. To say that Klitschko can now take himself to deal with the consequences of the actions of unscrupulous developers – at least, incorrect,” – said Klitschko.

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According to him, “Kyivmiskbud” joined the decision of problems of 13 thousand investors and have committed themselves before the people, but ran into trouble, which he promised to help to solve at the state level.

Klitschko said that now the transfer object “Ukrbud” “Kyivmiskbud” takes place as planned. We are talking about 23-three objects: a small office center and 22 residential complexes. Five of them, “Kyivmiskbud” has already adopted on the balance sheet and started construction work there.

“Today, there are three problematic issues. They are not within the purview of the mayor and city government. First, the issue of transfer of objects of the Ministry of defence in “Kyivmiskbud” on the existing conditions. Four of the residential complex are built on the lands of the defense Ministry. And all that is necessary from the Ministry today to sign the contract on the same terms,” – he stressed.

“Secondly, cooperation with State architecture and construction Inspectorate of the accepted objects and those “Kyivmiskbud” has yet to take the balance. EXTINGUISH on its face, returns all documents to the gorstroy… So some houses where people already live, is still not operational. Received 16 rejections for the four objects for which apply for commissioning,” – said the head of the capital.

The third problem, he said, is the lack of funds at the time of the completion of projects that began to build. Klitschko said that after the audit found that for the completion of all buildings do not have more than 2 billion UAH.

He added that the money in question back in the process of completion, but now need to resolve the issue. And this, according to him, cannot be done without the State mortgage institution, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and addressed by “Kyivmiskbud”.

“So I don’t quite understand why the President said. And like Klitschko may intervene in the activities of state bodies such as Ministry of defense, EXTINGUISH or State mortgage institution. The only thing that can help the government is reducing the financial burden on the developer in case of cancellation, the payment of a contribution. As did, for example, the unfinished Wojciechowski. And this issue, we are now working to bring it to the city Council,” – summed up the Klitschko.

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We will remind, in December of 2019, the construction company “Kyivmiskbud” took to finish the house “of Ujbuda”.