Knees are shaking: the perfect lover Zodiac sign

Коленки дрожат: идеальные любовники по знаку Зодиака

Often the most attractive men are not the most beautiful and the most attentive and generous. When choosing a satellite is to rely on powerful female intuition, which rarely fails. It will help strengthen the five simple exercises.


Aries is the don Juan number one. These men are very generous, loving, considerate and affectionate when needed. They make the best lovers because they are not in a hurry. They are persistent, but slow, so loves them most of the fair sex.

Next to the RAM any, even the most pinched the girl was able to open up, to relax, to forget about everything. Even the representatives of this Sign are good because they are well versed in the female hints. They do not need a second hint that it’s time to take the bull by the horns. Aries people always see the right moment to attack.


The twins have incredible charisma, because it is one of the most charismatic Signs of the Zodiac. This is exactly how they win a woman’s heart. When it comes to physical intimacy, here they do not disappoint companion. This is a very passionate men who know how to surprise.

Strong side Twins – foreplay. They can prepare a woman to love you like no other. With them any date will be interesting, but any talk – exciting. The powerful energy of these men makes ladies to swoon almost immediately.

The Male Lion

Lions are one of the best lovers, because they are always tidy, polite, charming. Their strong physical attraction, although kindness and chivalry they do not occupy. In a relationship with them will be difficult, but in the period of acute love Lions able to make happy even the most picky woman.

When a lion will choose the place for Dating and intimate continue, he or she will bring all their talents to make first night the brightest of all that was woman.


With Weights every girl can feel completely feminine. Yes, it is an unpredictable Sign of the Zodiac, which is difficult to tame, but as for romance and the ability to surprise, the Scales are unlikely to be someone’s equal. They are passionate, smart, educated, and flirt the best in the world. When the Scale is trying to seduce the lady, they operate very quietly and delicately.

Physical intimacy after the romance ends: the Scales and the Breakfast in bed to bring, and a relaxing massage to make. With them the nights will be long and emotions endlessly bright.


The main weapon of archers in the struggle for the location of the ladies – their intelligence, sense of humor and erudition. At the initial stage, the woman has the impression that the man-Sagittarius knows all about her from beginning to end. It puts her in a mad delight, for which she begins to believe that he met the Prince on a white horse.

The archers are still in, so they know how to treat a lady in bed. Even if a serious relationship does not, the woman will have something to remember after this experience. Moreover, Archers do not mind to maintain an intimate relationship without commitment.