Known new features that will get Android 12

Известны новые функции, которые получит Android 12

Известны новые функции, которые получит Android 12

Android 11 is still in beta stage, but Google developers have already begun to answer questions related to future versions of the popular mobile OS. In particular, they already told Reddit users about new features that may get Android 12.

How to assure the representatives of SoftMaker, the company is not the first year working on the release of function of long screenshots, allowing you to capture the entire page vertically, or make the big post on the social network, says androidcentral.

The main problem that stood in the way of implementing new features in Android 11 is that this format needs to be “understood” by any installed applications.

Cloud backup for Android 12

In addition, Google is developing a more flexible concept of the settings when creating a backup. In particular, there is discussion of increasing the data limit for applications, which is currently limited to 25 megabytes, and control backups when multiple devices under one account.

It is expected that simultaneously with the transition to cloud-based storage backup developers “kill” function to copy images to the desktop via ADB.

“Creating a backup to a laptop or desktop computer – this is not the scenario, which we consider a priority. Investing in cloud backups and the transition from one device to another would be useful for a large number of users. In fact, we are going to abandon backup using ADB in the next versions of Android”, – said the company.

Control applications

Google will also continue to actively monitor any third-party applications that run on the device. In particular, in Android 12 under strict control will get the programs running in the background. Finally, the representatives of the company promised to improve gesture navigation, and provide “more freedom” to third party launchers.

The described changes will be partially presented in Android 11. Read more about Android 12, the company will tell closer to the time of release, which will be held in 2021.

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