Kolomoisky may be involved in the purchase of parliamentary mandate in Austria-DW

Коломойский может быть причастен к покупке депутатского мандата в Австрии, -DW

For passage of Shellenbarger to Parliament Ukrainian businessmen paid 8 million euros.

On the eve of elections in Austria sounds the requirement to prohibit the purchase of seats in party lists. The grounds were as yet unproven accusations against ex-Deputy involved in the business influential Ukrainians, among them – Igor Kolomoisky.

Austrian MP Peter Pilz has published court documents in which two close to the party of persons under oath talk about buying places in the list FP for “protege Ukrainian businessmen”. We are talking about the parliamentary mandate of Thomas Shellenbarger that in the last convocation of the Austrian Parliament co-chaired the group’s relations with Ukraine.

As the newspaper notes, the political career of Shellenbarger “more than strange”. Owner of engineering office of the province before the elections in 2013 were registered in Vienna, and then found themselves at the ninth position in Vienna list of candidates, FP-, although it nobody knew.

After the elections this place was impassable, but by a strange coincidence, the three candidates who were ahead of Shellenbarger, refused the mandate. During his career, he only played in public several times in Parliament.

According to published court documents, Ernst N. 2016 is suing officials of the Austrian freedom party, the person claims that they didn’t give him 2 million euros “for mediation”.

According to the plaintiff, he brought Shellenbarger with the leadership of FP-. According to him, for the passage of Shellenbarger in the Parliament of Ukrainian businessmen has paid 8 million Euro 4 for party funds FP-, two -, one of the first representatives of the party and the Ernst N. as intermediary.

According to plaintiff, the transaction took place, but the money he received. In court documents, that the representatives of the party and the “strange” MP deny the words of Ernst N.

In the lawsuit listed the names of the Ukrainian businessmen – is the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, his business partner Igor Palitsa and the son of the then Minister of justice Maksym Lavrynovych.

Purchase information the mandate of the Deputy confirms under oath another Austrian Felix V. He claims to have been present at these meetings with functionaries of FP-.

As found out DW, Mace and Lavrynovych obviously had in Austria jointly with Kolomoisky and Shellenbarger business interests. Kolomoisky could be familiar with the Austrian since 2012, when the firm last IBS has built a treatment plant in Bukovel, co-owned by an oligarch.

Later the attention of Austrian law enforcement officers caught the fact that firm IBS formally bought the hotel “Panhans” in the municipality of Semmering for 5 million euros, although the company’s annual turnover does not exceed million euros. However, the case was closed, because the Ukrainian authorities have not provided information that would indicate a possible illegal origin of the money.

Executive Director and co-owner of IBS until 2015 was Igor Palitsa, who is now an MP. Also Mace and Shellenberger founded the charity organization, which is engaged countryman Mace of Ivano-Frankivsk region Victor Babusek. In particular, it was stated in the house of the Austrian, as does Mace.

Babusek created in Austria, the firm that bought the hotel “Panhans”, and then the company resold it to a Swiss firm, which, as writes the edition, is Kolomoisky.

Also, Babushok and two other men from Ivano-Frankivsk region became the nominal owners of several companies through which to Austria came millions of investment.

Two of these Ukrainian managers were previously employees of the company “Ukrnafta”, which co-owner is Kolomoisky. The founder of the companies of this conglomerate, was basically at the same address in Vienna, was also made by Maksym Lavrynovych.

DW turned to the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Austria with the request. In response, the militiamen said that even if information about buying places in the list of party are true, they can’t do anything because it is not criminalized.

The individuals who make up the electoral lists of the parties are not officials in the understanding of anti-corruption legislation. That is why MP Peter Pilz and other politicians need to make appropriate legislative changes.