Kolomoisky stunned words about the situation with “PrivatBank”: “Multiply by zero”

Коломойский ошеломил словами о ситуации с «ПриватБанком»: «Умножили на ноль»

The former owners of “PrivatBank” does not intend to refuse compensation for lost property

This was stated by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky on the “Freedom of speech”.

“We will not lag behind the new owner of the shares of PrivatBank. We are interested in Privat, but if it is for the settlement of the great complexity and that can cause some turbulence in the financial market, do not worry. We can abandon it. Everything is bought and sold in business”, – he said.

The oligarch also said that the money which allegedly was in the Bank at the time of nationalization, “multiplied by zero”.

“Because at the time when the state invested the money, our $ 60 billion was in “PrivatBank”. And the previous leadership of the regulator multiplied it by zero and said that there is not just zero, but there is also the negative,” he said.

As previously reported, PrivatBank once again disgraced. The blatant incident told the disgruntled customer that left your opinion on the portal of the Ministry of Finance.

According to her, she through the terminal paid the utilities, but Privat not had a payment.

“16.09.19 I paid for the apartment in the terminal PrivatBank in Odessa at 92 Queen street.The receipt I received, the next day I decided to get a receipt at the terminal, but my rent did not exist. I rushed to the Bank on the way out, the staff didn’t react. After three hours, I phoned the hotline of the Bank. My application was accepted for consideration. The next day I received a refusal,” she said.

The client also complained that due to a failure in the system she is forced to double pay utility bills.

“I mean with his penny salary have to pay again for an apartment. That day was just crashing the computer. to the Bank, people standing in the cashier couldn’t pay. Me and the operator apologized for the failure.

Коломойский ошеломил словами о ситуации с «ПриватБанком»: «Умножили на ноль»

Коломойский ошеломил словами о ситуации с «ПриватБанком»: «Умножили на ноль»