Kolomoisky threatened the referee of the match, which was played by his son: club fined for an oligarch

Basketball club Dnipro fined. The reason was the threats that were heard in the direction of the referee of the match against the “Kiev-basket” from the President of the club Valery Kondratyev and oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Dnipro playing his son Gregory.

The match took place on 1 December. “Kiev-basket,” then snatched victory in the match, scoring a three-pointer with the final buzzer went off.

After the game it became known that one of the match officials had received threats during the match. The President of club Valery Kondratyev addressed threats to him when he went to the ground. Threats were heard from the lips of the viewer Igor Kolomoisky, a utility tunnel from the viewer Valery Gulyaev. It pointed out in its report, the chief judge of the match, the report said basketball Federation of Ukraine.

But the club stated that no threats were made. Because the Department of organization and holding of competitions FBU has not provided appropriate evidence of this. In the letter, the club to the Federation asks “not to use against the audience Igor Kolomoisky and Valery Gulyaev, the term “the fans of BC “Dnepr”, as such status data of persons not confirmed”.

However, at a meeting of the Directorate of the FBI, which occurred December 3, considered the materials of the incident. On the basis of their Directorate has decided to disqualify (ban to be present) in the two official games of Dnipro club President Valery Kondratyev and to oblige the club to pay fines in the total amount of 52 thousand hryvnias. Of these, 20 thousand hryvnias because of the behavior of Igor Kolomoisky.

It is worth noting that Gregory Kolomoisky has not played in this match against the “Kiev-basket”. He watched the game from the stands, not far from his father. Photos from the match Igor Kolomoisky sitting in the front row and to the left of it using one viewer – Alexander Nacrisferi, also known as Alexander Petrovsky or a Narc. This father-in-law of the President of the Ukrainian Association football Andriy Pavelko. He became known after he was brought to the Dnipro Cup Champions League, which were photographed in the Church. He was in Istanbul during the handover ceremony in Ukraine Thomas. And in the river, when Epiphanius in the presence of the President of Petro Poroshenko and the believers celebrated their first prayer as the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. And even before that, in 2017, Poroshenko handed Petrovsky presidential award “Cross of Ivan Mazepa”. And then in 2017, the Minister of defence Poltorak presented him with an award weapon. More about Alexander Petrovsky read the link.

Коломойский угрожал судье матча, в котором играл его сын: клуб оштрафовали из-за олигарха

Коломойский угрожал судье матча, в котором играл его сын: клуб оштрафовали из-за олигарха

Gregory Kolomoisky (in the upper left corner) during a match against the “Kiev-basket”. Igor Kolomoisky in the first row in the center. Using one viewer – Alexander Petrovsky. Photo: BC “Dnepr”

It is worth noting that the 20-year-old Gregory Kolomoisky (on the website of the team he is signed as Gregory Kolomoisky, a website of the FBU – as Israel Kolomoisky) this season joined the “Dnepr”. Prior to that, he played in the USA for the University team “the Cleveland state Viking”. He studied at this University on the specialty “Sports management”. He is a citizen of Switzerland and Israel. Sam Gregory was born in Geneva.