Kolychev have to live for the village, and the village for the city

Колыхаев: Город должен жить для села, а село для города

MP of Ukraine, member of Kherson region, member of “the Party “For future!” the Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian issues and land policy Igor Kolychev believes that his party can make the economy of Kherson region allowed people to live better.

This became known with his exclusive interview with the online edition Ukraine news – From-UA.

Nardep is sure that for life, the parts should be one community, not several, and Kherson in need of new leadership.

“The town needs a new, professional team and other head. To make a city, it need to also supply raw materials, create jobs, raise production. Due to this, only you can fill the budget of the regional center. Kherson and the region is one. The law on decentralization are not qualitatively modified. My vision – to be one community in the area. Combining agriculture with the processing enterprises of the city, its infrastructure, we will achieve better results. The city needs to live for the village, and the village for the city”, – explained his position Kolychev.

A mazhoritarshchik from Kherson region, said that he created a “Party Igor Kolycheva “We live here!” in order to use the economy to raise the standard of living of people living in Kherson and region.

“The party was based on a local patriotism to unite people who want to build Kherson oblast and Kherson. Because some say, others do. In all important economies. It is primary, but the policy is secondary. Presentation of Ukraine in Davos, for example, must undergo from the point of view of the strong economic position. But when the questions: do you have ports? The airports? Land, we are at all answer: no, concessions or sold. This is not the position. We gave all the international corporations that control our country. I believe that we need to start from zero,” – said the MP.

He also stressed that each of the members of the group “the Party “For future!” in the Parliament, in which he now enters, that’s another success story to which he is guided in his party.

Each of the members of our group can boast of its history of victories: managerial, political, industrial. This unites us. All nominees, all members of the electorate. Our task is to unite around him the same” – summed up Kolychev.