Komarovsky has suggested using ice cream to cure a sore throat

Комаровский подсказал, как с помощью мороженого вылечить ангину

Eugene Komorowski spoke about what age a child may be given ice cream, and also said how to cure a sore throat with the popular sweets. Corresponding video the doctor has published on the YouTube channel.

“If the child has a fine motor activity, it is completely wrong, it is unreasonable to deprive such a child of ice cream. Moreover, it should be encouraged. It is right, it’s okay,” says Komorowski.

The doctor insists that if a child wants to buy. Especially if the child is already itself can make decisions about what he likes and what not. However there is a caveat: the effects of sugar on the teeth is not the most pleasant consequences.

To minimize risks and not to injure the teeth, Komorowski recommends that after eating ice cream to rinse your mouth or drink some water. You can also brush your teeth is one of the best options.

The doctor added: “If the child has frequent sore throats, chronic tonsillitis, constantly after a cold a sore throat, the algorithm of standard actions: you today go to the supermarket to buy a kilo of white ice cream. And start eating that white cream as medicine. A teaspoon three times a day.”

It is important not to immediately swallow the ice cream, and hold it in your mouth for ten seconds to the contact of the tonsils with the cold. Held it, swallowed. Most importantly, act systematically to cause a hardening of the body.