Komorowski called seven of the most useful of porridge for children

Комаровский назвал семь самых полезных каш для детей

What cereals are and why some are more useful than others? What made cereals and how to cook them – milk or water.

Parents deal with this all helped the famous Ukrainian pediatrician Eugene Komorowski.

In his next video Dr. Komorowski called seven of the most useful grains for children.

“For starters, let’s see, what is actually the mess? Porridge is such beans, boiled in a liquid. Liquids in which tenderize the grain, as a rule, two – water and milk. Depending on what liquid we mess fall apart, it may depend on the answer to the question is useful, this porridge or not. For example, take the buckwheat, which is high in iron, and cook it in milk. Then the calcium in milk, iron competitor, makes a last-completely useless. We are not saying that it is bad – in the end, we can get iron from somewhere else. But we should know that what we cook grains, affects the usefulness of the cereal,” – said Komorowski to start.

According to the pediatrician, and nutritionists around the world have long argued about the usefulness of various cereals and have identified the seven leaders.

1. Buckwheat. “What is buckwheat so good? A lot of iron, very high in protein, fiber. But our mothers it is necessary that the child bought the best, and therefore expensive. Therefore, they do not understand how the useful can be so cheap. So breaking the stereotypes, who have not yet realized,” says the pediatrician.

2. Oatmeal. “Oatmeal, quick cooking, which is simply poured boiling water – and here it is ready, is almost the most harmful porridge. And the most useful cereal, which you boil,” – says Eugene Komorowski.

3. Barley. “Porridge, this is one of the most useful: lots of iron, lots of protein, and most importantly – fiber. After all, what is fiber? This indigestible portion of the food, which perfectly cleanse the intestines and prepare him to the new food. And it turns out that the usefulness of barley is also determined by the technology of its preparation. Previously, it was necessary to fill with water, leave soak overnight and then simmer in a hot oven,” says the doctor.

4. Millet. “The culture of cooking this cereal is also lost. Although this is one of the most useful grains,” explains the doctor.

5. Corn porridge.

6. Fig. “The attitude to rice should be about the same as for oatmeal. White rice that we buy in stores and prepare it constantly, nothing to do with the use of has not. Here brown brown rice and minerals, and fiber, and high content of protein. Therefore, millions of people around the world consider rice as the basis of your daily diet thus thrive and multiply,” explains the pediatrician.

7. Linseed. Komorowski noted that it is virtually no cooking in the form of porridge. However, only flax seed contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are usually only in fish. That is, in many regions to find a good fish impossible, but the flax grows, so the problem can be solved.