Komorowski called the place where the greatest risk of Contracting coronavirus

Комаровский назвал место, где наибольший риск заразиться коронавирусом

Eugene Komorowski, the famous Ukrainian pediatrician, who during the pandemic coronavirus, actively covers this topic in their videos and on the pages in social networks, said that in some places people have the highest risks of Contracting COVID-19. In particular, according to Komorowski, it is not a street and not public places, as is commonly believed in Ukraine.

So, according to a famous doctor, high risk to “meet” with COVID-19 exists in your own home.

Komorowski explained that “nowhere else you will not be so close with the people in your house.”

As for the streets, according to the expert, thanks to the wind from a virus less likely to “cling” to the person, and open spaces “allow people to stay away from each other”.

The doctor also spoke about the study on the transfer of coronavirus that recently took place in China.

So, Chinese scientists have shown that of 7300 individuals who participated in the study, only one caught conversing in the open air. However, Komorowski said that we should not forget about the obligatory compliance with social distance.