Komorowski commented on the possibility of infection with coronavirus via 5G

Комаровский прокомментировал возможность заражения коронавирусом через 5G

Well-known pediatrician and television personality, Dr. Komarovsky, wrote in his Telegram-channel post dedicated to the absurd hype around the Internet connection 5G. Since, as the world embraced the pandemic Covid-19, there is a certain category of people, convinced that the coronavirus created artificially, and is distributed through the Internet technologies 5G. And anyway, all this conspiracy theory, and all of us want to be chipped and enslaved.

Komarovsky wrote that social networks are pouring a new revelation, say, the coronavirus is a virus, a bacterium, enhanced electromagnetic radiation 5G… And from this…


“… they found a body, hands, feet and other body parts and realized that the veins were extended and rolled blood all the veins and arteries filled with blood clots, preventing normal blood flow that carries oxygen to all organs, mainly the brain, heart and lungs, and the patient eventually dies”

And the cherry on the cake:

“We know that all governments of the world are obliged to follow the recommendations of the who, but Italy broke the norm… now who…. will be subject to lawsuits around the globe – for concealment of so many deaths and the collapse of the economies of many countries in the world… and all will become clear why immediately issued an order to bury the body without an autopsy… and to mark them as highly polluting..

In our power to bring the truth and hope to save many lives…”

Komorowski urged the public to think a head, before distributing the concentrated nonsense and swallow an aspirin with a bit of sugar antibiotics.