Komorowski: I Want to know who thought, with the tacit consent of the whole country, disperse of pediatricians

Комаровский: Хочу знать, кто додумался, при молчаливом согласии всей страны, разогнать педиатров

In an interview, the founder of the edition “GORDON” Mr Gordon is a pediatrician and TV host Eugene Komorowski criticized some of the effects of health reform in Ukraine.

“I want to know who thought, with the tacit consent of the whole country, disperse of pediatricians. Well, who decided that if the city, in the city, is children’s clinic, it is necessary to disperse and make family doctors? Who? I want the name, please tell me, who is this man?” – protested the doctor.

He noted that Ukraine is experiencing “a crisis in vaccination” – citizens are not vaccinated against serious diseases.

“And now let this man now look everybody in the eye and explain how the country can live miserable infectious diseases hospital, where the sanitary-epidemiological service is no where serum no, where the crisis of vaccination and so on. People we are not afraid of anything – no measles or tetanus or diphtheria, are not afraid of anything, because vaccination certificates how to buy and buy. You know, right?” – said Komorowski.

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According to a member of the National Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine, head of Department of Pediatrics no 2 in National medical University. Alexander Bogomolets Oleksandr Volosovets, now in Ukraine there are about 8 thousand pediatricians, whereas in the early 2000s, there were 15 thousand “vacancies in the posts of pediatricians in Ukraine – about 1 thousand, family doctors, 3 thousand,” – he told in interview to the edition “Your health” in August 2019.

Komorowski in November, wrote in Facebook on the occasion of the Day of the pediatrician, baby doctors in Ukraine – “endangered species”. “There is no food, hunted by all and Sundry, the old die, young individuals migrate to where they are protected and valued. It is time to create a special “remembrance Institute pediatricians and Pediatrics,” he said.

In 2018 in Ukraine, the reform of primary care medicine. In the first stage, the Ukrainians signed the Declaration of family doctors, pediatricians or internists.

The start of the second stage of the reform scheduled for April 1, 2020. At this stage the program will work medical guarantees. “This is a list of medical services that the state guarantees the patient. Medicaid guarantees replacing pseudomembranous medicine. The program will include services to primary outpatient, inpatient care and emergency, palliative care and rehabilitation”, – explained in the Ministry of health.