Komorowski said that should be in every first aid kit: it is important to know

Комаровский рассказал, что должно быть внутри каждой аптечки: важно знать

Eugene Komorowski shared the main points regarding the storage of emergency kits. Appropriate post Dr. published in the social network Instagram.

To begin with, the doctor advises to determine the place where there will be a first aid kit (e.g., kitchen). It is also important to ensure that the chosen location was:?


it is known to all adult members of the family?

easily accessible to adults and inaccessible to children;?

not affected by excessive heat, light, moisture.?

First aid kit must be portable: to be in a certain box and have a carrying handle.? It is desirable that the box had isolated sections, allowing it to sort the content.

First aid kit should protect the contents from shock, light and moisture.? It is also important to carry out an audit of the contents of the kit: purchase supplies, pay attention to expiration dates and integrity of packaging.??

A box set of drugs should also include bandages (gauze, elastic and reticular), adhesive tape, wipes, medical scarf, scissors, tweezers, syringes, disposable gloves, liquid soap, cooling package and headelement.