Komorowski spoke about “kids” vegetarianism

Комаровский рассказал о «детском» вегетарианстве

Doctor Yevhen Komarovsky has told, can children be vegetarian. Writes Newsmir.info referring to Chronicle info.

According to him, man is physiologically designed to digest like vegetables and fruits, and meat, fish and dairy products. And only last may because of lactose intolerance be rejected by the body. However, some people decide to limit your set of food only vegetable. Eugene Komorowski believes that there is nothing wrong if a person knows about additional ways to get vitamins and minerals. This is especially true for families in which vegetarians are not only adults but also children. Indeed, for normal growth and development in the body is obliged to do sufficient amounts of b vitamins and iron. Therefore, ideally, the Komarovsky advises not to exclude from the diet of the child meat, milk, eggs and fish. Parents are required to provide the child the opportunity to form a relationship to vegetarianism in adulthood.

If the position of adults is fundamental and they are going no matter what, put the baby on exclusively vegetable food, they need to consult with your doctor. Only a qualified specialist will be able to say exactly how to prevent the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in this case.