Komorowski told whether or not to give children sweets

Комаровский рассказал, стоит ли давать детям сладости

Eugene Komorowski said if children eat sweets and gave valuable advice about how to motivate child to eat right. This doctor wrote in a comment on the website komarovskiy.info.

Komarovsky says that to allow children to eat sweets only after a meal – is not normal. Indeed, in this case the child will eat through force, to get the desired sweetness.

According to the doctor, much better to not offer sweets after a meal, and after strenuous exercise. Limit is only in that case sweet affects appetite and leads to excess weight.

“If the consumption of sweets no negative impact does not end there – you can continue. Your mistake was that we had to just stop such a well established relationship once saw that child eating you “don’t want” to get candy,” commented the doctor.

The expert also emphasized that it is comfortable with the sweets provided that the child has no cavities, and level of physical activity corresponds to an age and consumed calories.

It is not recommended to give sweet food to children under one year because the immune and digestive system of the baby has not yet started its work. Sugar can cause fermentation in the gut, and hence there are problems with a chair, and rash.