Kondratyuk spoke sharply reconciliation of Russia and Ukraine

Кондратюк резко высказался по примирению России и Украины

If Ukraine will seek to improve relations with Russia and to end the war in Donbas, it will have to do on the Kremlin’s terms.

In an interview with OBOZREVATEL said the Ukrainian producer Yuriy Kondratyuk. According to him, after this motorized brigade from the Crimea under the Russian flag will be held to Mariupol and the Ukrainian dignity will be trampled (full version of interview read here).

“With the aggressor or the resistance, or peace in Russia. If Ukraine will strive for peace at any price. Yes, it is difficult to heat up international pressure on Russia, because the corrupt Western politicians are resisting, but they need to be pushed through. Otherwise our dignity very quickly be trampled motorized brigade, which would come to Mariupol from Crimea under the Russian flag. They will see that we have no resistance, so we do not need anyone, especially myself,” he said.

According to him, on the contrary, Russia had to break off all relations, including diplomatic, even in 2014.

“Return of people who sit with impunity on its territory and prisoners of war should, and it should be done in any relationship with Russia. The fact that they freed dozens of people – well done, but Russia can’t go to the warming in any way. In recent months, missing our statements about the war, about Crimea, chew there through the word. This is wrong because Europe will forget. And if someone thinks that if we stop talking about the war, improve the investment climate is very naive,” he assured Kondratyuk.