Koretsky said that the management of the RRG required to arrest Direct

Корецкий говорит, что руководство ГБР требовало арестовать "Прямой"

The leaders of the State Bureau of investigation, including first Deputy Director of the RRG Alexander Babikov, gave instructions to the investigators to take measures for arrest of TV channel “Direct” as evidence, with the result that the channel had to stop its activities.

About it in interview to TV channel said the head of the investigative group of the RRG Oleg Koretsky.

“These criminal proceedings were investigated by investigators who were subordinated to me, roughly until February of this year. Indeed, there were certain requirements and guidance that all the same let’s take action to arrest the channel, to halt actually its activities. We, the investigators unequivocally refused to do so. And then criminal proceedings were taken away from the investigator, who is subordinate to me. From my OU to another OU. But today, as far as I know, other investigators have also refused to do such things,” said Koretsky.

As reported, “he also confirmed that proceedings have been opened according to Andrei Portnov”.

“Without divulging the secret of pre-judicial investigation, I can tell you, in my opinion, the corpus delicti in the actions of Poroshenko in the criminal proceedings is absent. On the existence of corpus delicti in the actions of some other person, it continues to be investigated. In my opinion, at present, to inform the persons accused of the RRG, on suspicion no reason,” said Koretsky.

He also reported that in March-April in meetings with Babikov discussed this production, and even then it was obvious the lack of prospects in the investigation.

“It was roughly March-April. I was present at meetings Babikov, where he heard that the criminal proceedings already with another senior investigative group, investigator who conducts the investigation directly, and I know what’s out there and how most now. So at that time the official action of officials, untried RRT according to the requirements of the criminal procedure code, of a crime clearly not,” said Koretsky.

“Babikov definitely knew and was notified and an investigator of another Department, which is investigating the criminal proceedings, and me that there is no corpus delicti in the actions of those officials who accused the RRG. We had a proposal: let’s take decision on closing of criminal proceedings. Or let us contact the Prosecutor and let the Prosecutor determines the jurisdiction of another authority pre-trial investigation. Although we clearly said that, in our opinion, everything is investigated,” said Koretsky.

He claims that notwithstanding, the first Deputy Director of the RRG Babikov insisted on continuing the investigation.

“In his opinion necessary to carry out other investigative actions in order to study some of the content that the channel spreads and so on. Although at that time he was not the head of the pre-trial investigation body and the instructions couldn’t do any to give. These instructions to run the investigator could not. But we have what we have. Today I do not know completely, but it is alleged that the criminal proceedings are not closed. I do not have access to ERDR and do not possess official information, but according to, it continues to be investigated,” said Koretsky.

“You know, there is such a thing “an attack on freedom of speech.” Worldwide, Europe is wrong and do not need to do such things. And the investigator knew it, and I knew it. In connection with this production we have taken for other investigators,” says Koretsky.

For its part, in the RRG claim that the statement Koretsky about the pressure on him is not true and is politically motivated. It also said that his actions contain the individual characteristics of a criminal offence, namely – disclosure of pre-trial investigation.