Kornienko the fall rating “slug”: “fell Off those who expect quick results”

Корниенко о падении рейтинга «слуг»: «Отвалились те, кто ждет быстрых результатов»

The Chairman of the party “servant of the people”, the people’s Deputy Alexander Kornienko explained why the political force’s rating falls.

His opinion he shared in an interview with “Ukrainian truth”.

According to the MP, the fall of the level of support, in particular, is due to those Ukrainians who “waited for the quick results.”

“First off those who expect quick results. Remember that 20% said that one year willing to wait, there is 25-30 % – from two to three years, well, loyal fans: wait how much is necessary. That is, the first part falls off, the second… still, when you do reforms, some people “fall off”, because the reforms are not welcomed by everyone,” said Kornienko.

As an example of such reforms, the MP called the opening of the land market.

“No one in this country never did reform the land market, for example. Some people don’t like it, but we did it. Further, open access to resources “Ukrspirt”, the amber forest”, – said Kornienko.

He also referred to criticism in the media, on a number of television channels (in particular, on “112 Ukraine” and “Direct”).

“Being in a completely hostile media environment – the same cannot be discounted. We have plus or minus on the objective Internet site, we have a toxic Telegram… There are “Straight”. That is, on the one hand “112” and this holding company (112, NewsOne, ZIK, ed.), the other “Straight.” And this from two sides we are torn. It was in this environment media we are. It is clear that some results are offset immediately, but some mistakes are highlighted actively”, – said Kornienko.

During the interview, the MP also expressed his belief that now is a grounds for early parliamentary elections there.

“I think that now grounds for early elections there. First and foremost, there are no political grounds, because from the point of view of sociology, is now 50 to 50 Ukrainians support early elections. And this situation will always cause a low legitimacy of the elected Parliament. As of now still “the servant of the people” is the leading force. In sociology we are still in first place, society says we are leaders. In Parliament we are the leading force. So what are here now to conduct the elections from the point of view of such an Outlook? You can certainly look for some legal reason, but this is unnecessary, because there is a coalition, the Government appointed, Nice going,” he said. pine” Kornienko messed up the microphone on BP with the phone (VIDEO)

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