Kovalevskaya: Local councils can pass high authority

Ковалевская: Местным советам могут передать максимум полномочий

Almost all the structures that for years was built the old mass party, at the moment, with the connivance of their Metropolitan leaders, collapsed. And new is not created.

According to our interlocutor, at this point trying to simulate the situation in the country after the elections to local councils with high probability will be reduced to an intuitive: “I believe”. After all, even a cursory description of the possible scenarios post-election reality will encounter the need to reckon with so many possible turns of events that are objective criteria for will be lost in a mass of subjective assumptions.

“We are talking about the uncertainty of pandemic COVID-19, the global economic crisis, a possible change of government after the presidential elections in the US, the EU position on the Minsk agreements, the Kremlin’s course to reconciliation / confrontation with the West. All of the above is a huge amount of factors which can affect the situation in Ukraine. So while we can speak only about certain trends in the attitudes of politicians and society on the eve of the start of the local election campaign”, – the politician.

According to the MP, the first and most obvious is the lack of any serious citizens ‘ expectations from the coming changes at the local level. Traditional pre-election public enthusiasm of voters is not observed. In villages and in cities, people become accustomed to the current state of Affairs and understand that the competition, if there is, it is essentially personal in nature.

“So the rivalry can occur only through the choice between preservation of the current situation and possible changes. With the first way out of regional projects of local elites, with the second “Servants of the people”,” she said.

Yulia Kovalevska emphasizes that consultants, knowing the inertia of the electorate, who probably expects that he will be offered than willing to be actively involved in the electoral process, trying to generate “something” that would cause public outcry. Turns out is extremely weak.

The next characteristic feature of this stage of the elections, according to our interlocutor, wait – and-see behavior of local politicians. Watching the initiatives at the Central level, and in the absence of positive dynamics in ratings, regional Crowbars do not rush to line up political parties. Yes, the interest in the Deputy mandates, of course, remained and, given the transmission power may even increase. But to associate yourself with a certain political force, potential candidates are not in a hurry, because this commitments, money, and reputation, the politician.

“Finally, the last feature of the start of the election period. Previous election campaigns have won the anti-system candidate in the form of the image of Vladimir Zelensky, who broke the current state of Affairs in Ukrainian politics. Now this trump card in the hands of no single political force. So you have to play by the classic rules – to go to voters and to campaign “For”… And here begins the difficulty, to agitate for what? At the level of small villages tactic is clear for me. At the scale of even small towns, where they vote for open lists of political parties, many already wonder what the audience in these lists to go to the fellow countrymen. A traditional set of proposals in the form of “good deeds”, “already been done”, or the infamous “buckwheat”? It may work or may not. And with the rules of the election – the Electoral code (until today) it was not clear”, – drew attention the MP.

“As a result, the deficit of inspiring ideas, without the risk of contact with the “buckwheat”, which the voters will take it, but vote as they please, crucial could have the presence of party structures. That is, the organization can mobilize their supporters and to ensure effective targeted campaign”, – said Yulia Kovalevska.

The MP stresses that even here there are problems – almost all the structures that for years was built the old mass party, at the moment, with the connivance of their Metropolitan leaders, collapsed. And new is not created.

“So, both the society and politicians expect a certain external impulse that would stimulate them to increased participation in the electoral process. If such a pulse is not, then vote out of inertia. Or “buckwheat” because who cares who gets the mandate in the local Council, if meaningful differences between competitors are not,” – concludes the politician.

“And then the newly elected deputies of local councils may be in for a surprise in the form of transfer to local councils of the high authority, in the event of any change in the Constitution of Ukraine. And that’s just about it seriously yet, few people think…” – summed up by our interviewee, the people’s Deputy Yulia Kovalevskaya.

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