Kozlov lost in the first match of the Federation Cup for the third place

Козлова уступила в первом матче Кубка Федерации за третье место

Ukrainian tennis player Kateryna Kozlova has lost the starting match for the third place in the First group of Euro-African zone of the Federation Cup.

Ekaterina Kozlova failed to win in the second game against Magdalen French. From the start of the match, the Ukrainian took control of the game and led 3:0. Polka managed to level three, but by the end of the set game has won only Ukrainian.

In the second set, the Ukrainian with 0:2 went 5:3, but to protect the feed when served for the match, failed. 3:5 French took six games in a row and ended up with two breaks in the third set brought the game to victory.

Girls met on the court for the second time. In 2017, the representative of Poland beat Kozlov at the ITF tournament in Istanbul. On the second single Dec stated IgA Swiatek and Diane Yastremsky.

By the way, for the national teams of Ukraine and Poland this is the second confrontation in the framework of the Federation Cup. “Blue-yellow” has won their meeting in 2007.

Sport 24 reported, the Ukrainian national team on tennis failed to reach the final of the Federation Cup, though, and beat Estonia.

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