Kravchuk: Ukraine Payment after the signing of the Budapest Memorandum would be about $250 billion

Кравчук: Компенсация Украине после подписания Будапештского меморандума должна была бы составить около $250 млрд

After signing the Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine has lost about $250 billion this was the author’s program “BATMAN” editor-in-chief of the Internet edition “GORDON” Alesya Batsman announced the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk.

“Nuclear weapons were tactical, which also went to Russia. Media Backfire, these famous planes. They also moved to Russia. If all to count, it’s somewhere in the range of 250 billion dollars,” he said.

The former President noted that with the U.S. there was talk about that same amount Ukraine compensated the United States.

“This direct conversation was not. But it was said about costs. Then we did not know the numbers as they are today. I read, talked to people, spoke to those versed in this matter. Because the President, with all due respect, not all the facts and figures may possess. And that’s fine, he doesn’t know everything. It was said that this is a very high cost of production of these weapons on the territory of Ukraine, even more costs can be when the elimination of weapons,” explained Kravchuk.

According to him, Ukraine had about 46 nuclear warheads with solid fuel, the rest was fuel oil.

“Liquid fuel missiles was a terrible nuclear weapons. I chemists said that if it, God forbid, will spread on the territory, the land for decades, if not more, out of circulation. I talked about this: “How can we? We, Ukraine, this is not can. Russia only wants to take the nuclear warheads,” – said the first President of Ukraine.

Kravchuk said that Ukraine “every single missile was aimed at US”.

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December 4, 1994 between Ukraine, USA, Russia and UK signed the Budapest Memorandum, which guaranteed Ukraine’s territorial integrity and security in exchange for giving up its nuclear Arsenal.