Kravets of 95 Quarter showed a gorgeous bust, Ukrainians appreciated

Кравец из Квартала 95 показала шикарный бюст, украинцы оценили

Actress of the Studio “Quarter-95” and “Women’s quarter” and even a large mother Elena Kravets from time to time indulges the audience with new photos and videos in your Instagram.

A celebrity touched fans of spicy outfit.

The actress shared a fresh photo in his microblog on Instagram, which appeared gorgeous in a pant suit cream beige, open neckline of a jacket which makes you want to stare at this beauty forever.

Smiling Kravets posed in photo zones “League of laughter”, speaking in the caption to the picture about your spring mood. The actress shared lovely “little secrets rituals”.

“The ritual before the arrival of spring. 1. To warm the heart on the League of laughter. 2.To stand, stretching out into a smile and cause the sun to the magical “sun” suit. 3. Put it in his pocket a few yellow balls young Mimosa, to smell the petal of a Tulip, close your eyes and remember yourself as a child in rubber boots and finally without a hat!) All. To wait for spring. She’s on the road. I know;) p.s. And tomorrow I will continue to conjure in Breakfast with 1+1 in 9.10. Prior to the meeting)),” wrote Elena in the social network.

Followers remained in awe of spring image Kravets and peppered celebrity compliments in the comments.

Кравец из Квартала 95 показала шикарный бюст, украинцы оценили