“Kremenchug” beat “Dnepr” and led the series of the playoffs UHL

"Кременчуг" обыграл "Днепр" и повел в серии плей-офф УХЛ

The fifth game of the semifinal series of the playoffs UHL between “Kremenchug” Kherson and Dnipro ended with the score 4:1 in favor of the hosts.

“Kremenchug” – “Dnepr” 4:1 (1:0, 2:0, 1:1)

The account in a series: 3:2

Match Kremenchug began with a desire to lead in a series and immediately began to put pressure on the opponent. On 12 minutes, this resulted in abandoned the puck from Ivan Savchenko, who from close range flashed Oleg Petrov opened the scoring in the match.

In the second frame “Dnepr” significantly leveled the game, but to play the conceded goal they were unable. But the bulls were able to convert their chances – Victor Tutchenko and Gleb Krivoshapkin made the score 3:0 on the scoreboard and not left to Dnipro chances to win.

In the final period of the match “Kremenchug” only confirmed their superiority in the match, sending in the gate of Oleg Petrov another washer. Only in the last seconds of meeting Nikita Makritsky converted a free throw and scored the only goal of Dnipro in this match, setting the final score 4:1 on the scoreboard.

The sixth match of a series to four victories, the teams will play in Kherson on March 24 at 17:00.

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