“Kremenchug” minimal beat “Dnepr”, “Ice Wolves” defeated the “White bars” – 24 Channel

"Кременчук" мінімально переміг "Дніпро", "Крижані Вовки" здолали "Білий Барс" - 24 Канал

In Kherson the match between the leaders of the standings of the “Dnepr” and “Kremenchug” completed the tenth round of the championship of Ukraine on hockey – the championship of the Ukrainian hockey League. Also in this round of the “Donbass” lost art “Dynamo”, and “Ice Wolves” in the White Church has won strong-willed victory over the “Belyi Bars”.

“Dnepr” – “Kremenchug” 1:2 (0:0, 0:1, 1:1)
Washer: 0:1 Kiselev (Hrspiel), 38:39. 0:2 Raven (Savchenko), 56:35. 1:2 Christmas carols (the sixth field), 58:36

The team confirmed the status of the leaders of the championship at the start of the fight, when during the first period, the team still struggled at each site and did not allow the enemy to differ in your goal. It is worth noting the brilliant play of goalkeeper Oleg Petrov and Nikita Gorbushina, which protected its possessions, not allowing to open the scoring.

The zeros on the scoreboard remained until the end of the second period, when Nikolay Kiselev managed to use the mistakes of Kherson in the defense and send the puck straight into the top corner of the goal by Oleg Petrov.

The third period the team played as aggressively and intensely, but goals fans saw at the end of the period – first, Alex Crow increased the advantage of his team and then the captain of the “Dnepr” Nikolai Kolyada was able to return to Kherson in the game. But the newcomer did not have enough time and energy to translate the game into overtime.

Thus “Kremenchug” with 26 points and is in first place in the standings, and “Dnepr” with 25 points to fall into second place.

“White Leopard” – “The Ice Wolves” 1:3 (0:0; 1:1; 0:2)
Washers: 1:0 RAM (Head – more.), 24:29. 1:1 Mikulchik (Ovchinnikov), 26:17. 1:2 N. The Janitor (Fedosov, Ovchinnikov), 40:17. 1:3 Cheremnykh (Fedosov – more.), 57:38

Previously the teams were played match together, and winning that game was for the “White Bars”. The victory in today’s game allowed belozerky to reach the 4th place in standings, and “Ice Wolves” to rise from last place on the line above.

The first period passed in equal struggle against small advantage “leopards”. The second period was less active, but productive in the middle period, the teams exchanged goals. First, the “White Bars” distinguished Paul Taran, and after almost two minutes the answer came from Sergei Mikulchik.

At the start of the third period, the Ice Wolves took the lead thanks to an accurate cast of Nicholas Janitor. “White bars” actively went on the attack, trying to fight back, but received a counterattack from Ivan Fedosov, who gave a masterful pass to Alexei cheremnova – that established the final score of the match 1:3.

The win allowed the “Ice Wolves” go around “White bars”, and to take fifth place in the standings.

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