Kris Jenner was puzzled by the daughter of his wax replica: the reaction of Kim Kardashian

Recently, the star of family TV show, invited Kim Kardashian, model Chrissy Teigen with her husband John Legendon at a gala dinner in his house. She willingly showed the guests new year’s decor and is another new element of the house. The woman ordered my wax replica, and introduced her daughter. The reaction Kim was amazing.

Mother star of the family, not for the first time amazes the fans with its original antics and creative solutions. So, she made a Christmas gift and without warning showed their loved ones. They were puzzled by such a surprise.

The Hollywood wax Museum have created an exact copy of Kris Jenner. The DoppelgangeR, dressed in a black suit with sequins, the hostess was seated at a festive table, shocking his guests.

You have no idea how realistic it looks! Her favorite costume Dolce & Gabbana. All reflected truthfully to the smallest detail
– shared his impressions of the star.