Kristallnacht: “the day I grew up”

Хрустальная ночь: "в этот день я повзрослела"

80 years have passed since that terrible November night. The Nazis burned synagogues, smashed the Jewish shops and beat up, killed or sent Jews to the death camps. The events of that night from 9 to 10 November 1938, known as the Crystal night, or the November pogrom.

For 10-year-old Ruth, who lived at that time on the outskirts of Berlin, the day ended with her happy and carefree childhood.

I remember that night as it is now, it was then that I realized what the real evil. I went to school in the North of Berlin. And dad and grandpa drove me to the car. And on entering the town we saw broken Windows. Glass was everywhere, and I said, “Look, daddy, there all broken”. My grandfather asked if all the Windows are broken? And then my dad said, “No, only some, but it wasn’t a robbery, it’s something else.” And then on one of the small streets we saw how one Jew twisted Assault troops, and on the back he attached the Star of David, while continuing to beat him. I must say that for me, it was all very scary. But then I comforted myself with the fact that we’re in the car, and recognize us as Jews is impossible. Besides, I’m with dad, then with me nothing will happen, “says Ruth Winkelmann.

School, where he studied Ruth, was behind the New synagogue. And it seemed that the events of that night the area is not affected. Therefore, father and grandfather left Ruth in front of the school gate.

What happened when you were in school?“, – asks the correspondent of Euronews Lena Roche.

We all gathered in the Assembly hall. And we were told that there have been riots, people being beaten. Our Director from us has nothing to hide. In the meantime, the Nazis blocked the entrance to the old school stuff. In front of the doors, so we couldn’t get out. And the entire facade was covered in paint, “says Winkelmann.

In the end the children were able to escape through the attic. Ruth admits that on the day she became an adult. During the war she was hiding in the garden shed of the Gestapo and the bombs. Out of all her Jewish family survived only she and her cousin. Today she was concerned.

Yes, while I only worried, not afraid, and that is worried about how many people go for the extreme right, not even thinking. The impression is that humanity has lost the ability to think. Most do not use the head for its intended purpose

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