Kristina Orbakaite criticized for her appearance

Кристину Орбакайте критикуют за ее внешний вид

Many subscribers do not like a special accessory, which showed the singer.

Orbakaite has faced a wave of Haight because of the recent publication in Instagram. The photo captures the star in the original the mask, in which she appears in public. Thus, quite unexpectedly, the star got a lot of negative comments of users on the network. Their claim was divided into two categories.

Some subscribers did not like the look of the accessory. This is evidenced by the following statements: “Now in the harem!!!”, “Well, it is rather a veil than a mask”, “Even as Muslims and wear the veil remains”, “It’s a apron of some Christie…”.

Other netizens have written about what, in their opinion, this accessory is completely useless”: “do Not scare people! you do it for the money, and they sit and panic free…”, “take Off the mask, it’s all over!… it will not save You! chemistry for grade 8….”, “The mask to wear even dangerous.”

Кристину Орбакайте критикуют за ее внешний вид