Krivorozhane held accountable for the neglect of the observations of the police

Криворожанина привлекут к ответственности за пренебрежение к замечаниям полицейских

Krivoy Rog patrol brought in a drunken troublemaker. He will stand trial for hooliganism and wanton conduct in relation to enforcement, – said the press service of the Krivoy Rog police Department.

Last night in Pokrovskom area of the city on the 4th Zarechny district patrol police tried to reason with the drunken comments of a citizen. Rowdy was obscenely expressed and threatened passersby.

When his actions tried to the comments to warn the police, the offender left in one of them the cigarette butt.

The police had to use force on the offender and deliver him to the station of intercession police Department. Here all his actions are recorded in administerial.

Now the man will stand trial for hooliganism in a public place and wanton conduct against the police.