Krivorozhane received a bullet wound in the abdomen on one of the beaches of the Arabat spit (VIDEO)

Криворожанка получила пулевое ранение в живот на одном из пляжей Арабатской стрелки (ВИДЕО)

On the coast of the Azov sea resting from Krivoi Rog was wounded from a pneumatic weapon. The bullet came our compatriot in the stomach of tyre, located on the beach next to children’s rides, and narrowly missed her baby. At this point, krivorozhane just came out with a child from the sea. The mother of three children survived, but was disabled.

The trouble occurred in the popular resort – spit Arabatsky arrow, in the village of Schastlivtsevo, which is located near the city, where Marina Ligovskaya the rest of the family.

Local physicians did not undertake to help the injured. It had a few hours to be transported to the Dnieper, where the wounded were hospitalized. Dnipro doctors fought for the life and health of women, but avoid disability failed. Marina told this terrible story with tears in his eyes a year later. During this time, the perpetrators of her injury and not punished.

The details of the terrible accident which happened to the Marina at the resort, found out by journalists of the program “Controller” of the TV channel “Ukraine”.