Krivorozhanina, which repeatedly stealing from supermarkets cosmetics and alcohol, is jailed for 2 years

Криворожанина, который неоднократно воровал из супермаркетов косметику и алкоголь, посадят в тюрьму на 2 года

In Krivoy Rog in 2 years and 6 months of imprisonment will be put in jail a man who repeatedly committed thefts in supermarkets in the city. A man was stealing in the supermarket alcohol and cosmetics.

The corresponding decision was accepted the judge of Zhovtnevy regional court Oksana Klochko.

18 April 2019 in Pokrovsky district on the street of Eduard Fuchs in the supermarket, the man stole 7 chocolate bars on 211 USD.

June 27, at the neighborhood 4th Zarechny citizen stole a bottle of liquor for 341 UAH.

District 5th Zarichnyi 30 June in the supermarket took the brandy for 266 USD and not paid for it.

On July 13 in a supermarket on the street Mussorgsky krivorozhane stole a bottle of liquor for 300 hryvnia.

On 18 July he stole from a store in the neighborhood 5th Zarichnyi liqueur for 450 UAH.

On 9 August a citizen was stolen in a supermarket on the street Vatutina 4 packs of seasoning the mixture of peppers for 235 USD. On the same day another supermarket on the street Landing he stole whiskey for 300 hryvnia.

On 12 August in the street of Eduard Fuchs he didn’t pay for liquor at the supermarket 435 USD.

On 31 August a cosmetics shop in the neighborhood of the 5th Zarichnyi krivorozhanin stole perfume worth of 389 USD. September 7 cosmetics store on the street of Eduard Fuchs attacker stole 24 bottles of nail Polish with glitter and other nail manicure at 327 USD.

September 11 in the same shop he stole the powder and two lip gloss for a total amount of 326 USD.

In most cases, the attacker was detained by security guards of supermarkets and called to the place of militiamen.

Krivorozhane was tried for committing the theft and an unfinished attempt at theft committed repeatedly.

During the proceedings in the Zhovtnevy district court of Krivoi Rog, the defendant pleaded guilty to the crime. He stated that he had committed robbery because he is in a difficult financial situation, and to get a job due to health problems.

The judge of the Zhovtnevy district court of Krivoy Rog Oksana Klochko decided to accept the attacker guilty of the Commission of the above criminal offences and sentenced him to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment.

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