Krivoy Rog firefighters rescued the child who climbed to the canopy entrance of apartment buildings

Криворожские пожарные спасли ребенка, который залез на козырек подъезда многоэтажки

May 25 in the Pokrovsky district of Krivoy Rog rescuers removed the child from the canopy entrance of a multistory building.

Around 21:00 in service of rescue called the child. He told rescuers that his 9-year-old brother climbed to the canopy entrance and can’t get off.

In place of the departed members of duty of the guard 12 pieces of SSES.

It was found that when the children were playing with the ball, he got on the canopy entrance. The boy climbed up there to get the ball to go down but couldn’t.

With stairs chrezvychainyi removed the child from the hood and conveyed to parents.

According to the materials: