Kr?mer will release a motorcycle racing GP2R

Kr?mer выпустит гоночный мотоцикл GP2R

In addition to the new frame with angle adjustment steering column sportbike Kr?mer GP2R received the adjustable WP suspension, and engines will be two versions. The first was increased to 890 cm? the volume and power of 128 HP and 100 Nm of torque.

Second with a little less volume – 850 cm? the American club racing. Both bike will be installing a custom control system power unit.

Optionally, the client can buy Track Service Package from the Swedish firm Speedbox. This package involves the maintenance, storage, technical support of the motorcycle during various racing events. It is known that the cost of the 890-cubic version will be 29 990 euros.

Kr?mer выпустит гоночный мотоцикл GP2R