Kroll said his advantage over Lomachenko

Кролла назвал свое преимущество по сравнению с Ломаченко

Contender for the belt Vasyl Lomachenko British boxer Anthony crolla has said that he is not worried due to the fact that his success in battles with the Ukrainian units to believe.

Kroll said the only advantage that it has in comparison with the Ukrainian champion in the WBA and WBO.

“A very difficult task ahead of me… I’m not stupid, not in the clouds, and know what I’m going to fight one of the best fighters on the planet. I’m not from the pound (Top 5 boxers regardless of weight category, Спорт24), but still I’m a world class fighter.

Yes, I have nowhere near that skill as Lomachenko: he is doing almost everything better. But it’s not scary. Besides, I have one advantage: I’m still a natural athlete, and he didn’t.

Will come with a plan of action. And always believe in yourself. I’m in great shape physically and spiritually. And I have nothing to lose. I was on such a day, and do not want to remember. So really believe that will be able to go out and find the one punch to shock the world. I want to be forever remembered for that” – quoted BoxingScene Kroll.

April 12, Lomachenko will defend the champion titles of WBA and WBO lightweight title against Anthony Kroll, who is the mandatory Challenger. 32-year-old British boxer in his professional career he won 34 fights (13 by knockout) and losing six. Three matches ended in a draw.

Bookmakers have started taking bets on the fight Lomachenko with Crolley. Basil is a favorite in this fight.

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