“Krotki” never forgave blocked the yard entrance, and burned today in Krivoy Rog “Zaporozhets”, which previously turned to the side? (photo)

«Крутяки» не простили перекрытый во двор въезд, и сожгли сегодня в Кривом Роге «Запорожец», который ранее перевернули на бок? (фотофакт)

Very confusing was the story of the car “Zaporozhets”, which unknown attackers turned on its side on a 97 block in Krivoy Rog. Today, this car burned to the ground, but the owner never called on line 101

In Kryvyi Rih, an act of vandalism on “Zaporozhets”, parked on the 97 block (photo)

About 05.20 Saturday, 19th January, on one of the streets of the private sector to Pioneer car completely burned down the Cossacks, abandoned at night in front of the gate house.

Rescuers say that on the line 101 has not received a call about a burning car at this location.

Earlier the police reported that they had no input on line 102 about the accident on 97th quarter, however, many Kryvyi Rih saw and photographed upside down on the side of the car.

Then they committed one of the basic versions was – ZAZ turned off the entry-exit into the yards of Stalin, where a lot of “cool” citizens. And the car is not pushed sideways, and flipped on its side. Moreover, put close to the funeral wreath and a plastic carnation.

Turns out, it was not symbolic, but a real warning?

2 days later the car suffered from a fire, what to recover, it makes no sense…

Judging from the course of events, the owner of the Zaporozhets will not write a statement to the police and, therefore, in any case, in fact this mysterious “double” of the incident it is possible to build only guesses…