Ksenia Mishina responded to the rumors about the novel by Vladimir Ostapchuk

The final show of “dancing with the stars 2019” riveted the attention of millions of Ukrainians. Equally popular was news about a possible novel participants in the project of Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ksenia Mishina. After a wave of conversations in the network, the actress decided to comment on the information.

For “Caravan of stories” Ksenia Mishina gave a concise review. Ukrainian actress said that the information about her affair with Vladimir Ostapchuk – fake. At the same time, she admitted that she did not understand who would want to invent a story about her romantic trip with a leading. Ksenia Mishina claims that never left Ukraine and is now actively working on their projects.

“Absolutely fake information, it is unclear what invented. All this time I am in Ukraine and work on their projects. No connection and communication between me and Vladimir Ostapchuk no,” said Ksenia Mishina.

What is known about the “novel” Mishina and Ostapchuk

As a Ukrainian actress and a successful TV host, was featured in the show “dancing with the stars 2019”. During the popular project Vladimir Ostapchuk said that divorcing his wife Elena Voychenko, which have been married 12 years. Since then, many supporters have begun to actively monitor his private life, and to ascribe to man the new novels. In particular, the network is suspected that lead has a romantic relationship with a partner on “Dancing with the stars”. However, Vladimir Ostapchuk and Ilona Gvozdeva has denied these rumors with the release of the project.

On 2 December, the network appeared the information that the presenter went to Austria. Wearer network nick @animallovers2018 wrote that saw Vladimir Ostapchuk was in the company of actress Ksenia Mishina. Ukrainian asked the leading “Secular life” to ask whether there are stars. The woman added that the entertainer also kissed Mishin in the neck. The other girl in the comments noted that also saw Ostapchuk in Vienna.

Ксения Мишина отреагировал на слухи о романе с Владимиром Остапчуком

Ксения Мишина отреагировал на слухи о романе с Владимиром Остапчуком

A screenshot from instagram

Interestingly, Ksenia Mishina also not the first time such news. The actress during the show was thought to have an affair with Eugene Cat. The cause was a passionate statement on the floor and frequent foreign travel of the wife of the dancer. But then Mishin indignantly refuted all suspicions, saying that the love they have only during performances.