Kudryavtseva published a picture of her hugging her man

Кудрявцева опубликовала снимок с нежно обнимающим ее мужчиной

Popular TV presenter was photographed on the background of the sea.

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Fans are closely watching the personal life of Lera Kudryavtseva and her husband, hockey player Igor Makarov. That is why a new picture in the “Instagram”account of Kim as a surprise to fans. Kudryavtseva published a photo of an unknown young man who tenderly embraces her waist. Couple captured on the background of the sea.

It turned out that the subscribers needn’t have worried. The stranger in the photo is the eldest son of a movie star. After this information experiences to the public gave way to praise the appearance of Valeria. Followers admired how great it looks 49-year-old socialite.

“Like brother and sister” “the case when the mother looks young”, “You look the same age!”, “If I did not know, would not have believed”, “I thought the new groom, He looks older than You, You live in the refrigerator? Beautiful!” commented subscribers publication (spelling and punctuation preserved).

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