Kuleba: I am concerned about anti-Western rhetoric in the media space of Ukraine

Кулеба: Меня беспокоит антизападная риторика в медиапространстве Украины

14.06.2020, 19:55


Despite anti-Western rhetoric in the media, the foreign Ministry assured: Ukraine needs to move toward membership in the European Union and NATO

Anti-Western rhetoric in some Ukrainian media concerned about the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, since it is, in his opinion, does not meet the interests of Ukrainians. He told this in an interview to UKRINFORM.

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“I am concerned about the spread in the Ukrainian media space anti-Western rhetoric – it is absolutely not in the interests of the Ukrainian people”, – he said.

The diplomat assured that such rhetoric is absent in the government.

“But there is no anti-Western rhetoric in the Executive power vertical, or vertical, responsible for foreign policy, no. We are convinced that Ukraine continue to move toward membership in the European Union and NATO, and I see no hint of any reversal or change of attitude towards this course,” he said.

In an argument, he added that during the interview it was a question of granting Ukraine the status of a NATO partner with enhanced capabilities.

  • After the interview Kuleba said that NATO granted Ukraine the status of a partner with advanced features. The status of a NATO partner with enhanced capabilities implies a deeper and more individual interaction with the forces of the Alliance.