Kuleba spoke of 5 demands to Iran on the plane MAU: “We do not accept the argument error” (VIDEO)

Кулеба озвучил 5 требований к Ирану по самолету МАУ: «Мы не принимаем аргумент об ошибке» (ВИДЕО)

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba announced the five demands put forward by our country against Iran in the case of the plane UIA (“Ukraine International airlines”), which was shot down near Tehran in January of this year.

About it has informed today at the briefing.

“We do not accept the argument about the human error. Iran needs to explain in every detail what happened. In the modern world just up and down the aircraft to one person not under force, even if this person is extremely crafty, talented and full of evil intent. We need to put the question more broadly: it’s not about human error, and generally on the operation of control system of air space of Iran,” – said Kuleba.

According to him, Ukraine wants to hear the answer to the following questions: operated this system at the time of the churning of the aircraft; correctly it functioned; it was not interference in its activities; and what is the real reason for the shoot down the peaceful Ukrainian aircraft over Iran.

“That’s it, not other aircraft that were in the Iranian space,” – said the Minister.

Kuleba also listed the requirements that pushes Ukraine to Iran:

1. Iran must recognize their international legal responsibility for the Downing of the Ukrainian plane.

2. Iran should apologize and offer assurances that “such events will never happen again.”

3. Iran needs to conduct a technical investigation in accordance with the terms of the Chicago Convention.

4. Iran needs to conduct an independent criminal investigation and to bring those responsible to justice.

5. Iran should pay due compensation.

“Yesterday we received information that an Iranian delegation was ready to arrive in Ukraine this week to negotiate with us about compensation. We have long insisted on this visit. We are ready for these talks and hope that today Iran has already officially confirmed the visit of their representatives, and this week in Kiev held such negotiations,” – said Kuleba. aircraft MAU was successful – Kuleba