Kuleba, the UN has called on Russia to stop cyber attacks to destabilize other countries

Кулеба в ООН призвал Россию прекратить кибератаки для дестабилизации других стран

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba appealed to the UN Security Council, urging them to prosecute the perpetrators of the cyber attacks in accordance with international law and to develop “common rules of the game” in cyberspace.

The official said at an online meeting of the UN security Council Arria formula “Cyberstalking, conflict prevention and strengthening of capacities”, the press service of the foreign Ministry.

“Ukraine insists: those who deliberately organizes and implements cyber-attacks, must be held accountable. We are confident that existing international law applies to cyberspace. It is also the principle of non-aggression by one state to another,” – said Kuleba.

He noted that in 2014, cyber attacks are one of the measurements of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and it forced our government to rethink the national security strategy. According to him, Ukraine in this time have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in countering cyber threats, which are willing and ready to share with partners.

The Minister said that during 2019 in Ukraine was recorded more than 1,500 of cyber incidents on critical infrastructure. He added that other States also are subjected to the hostile behavior of Russia and think the Kremlin is responsible for cyber-attacks using the latest malicious programs.

“We know that Russia is responsible for a number of cyber operations, which were used as a political tool. When using information and communication technologies carried out a campaign of misinformation and interference in the electoral process, cyber espionage, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure in several countries in Europe and beyond,” said the Minister.

Kuleba convinced that coronavirus in times of crisis cyber threats become even more urgent, therefore, cyber security requires special attention.

The Minister drew the participants ‘ attention to Russia’s attempts to put himself in the UN initiated a campaign to increase international information and cyber security.

“As a state that has proven accused of committing targeted attacks against the energy and other critical infrastructure of Ukraine, Russia should immediately stop using the modern computer technologies with the aim of destabilizing and creating a crisis”, – he stressed.

Kuleba noted that the States members of the United Nations need to combine efforts to establish common “rules of the game” that will help to prevent any attempts to discredit such a human achievement as the modern computer technology.