Kvitka Cisyk – the soul of Ukraine: a biography of the famous singer

Квитка Цисык – душа Украины: биография известной певицы

Ukrainian Galician roots, Kvitka Cisyk was born and lived all his life in the United States. Her voice was admired by the whole of American show business. It worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and other world stars. But in Ukraine, it was heard and appreciated after his death.

Father tickets Lviv was a violinist. Her grandmother (nee Sophia Nagorno-Candac), the grandfather and mother lived in Lviv until 1944. The family was well-known intellectuals in the city. Running away from the occupation and Soviet rule in 1949, was in the United States. The singer was born in America. In childhood Kvitka was plastunka – went to camp in the mountains, where he studied Ukrainian songs, customs and ceremonies.

The full name of the singer – Kvitoslava-Arina. Family and friends called her by Quitkey. And popularity in the United States, she received under the pseudonym Casey – a combination of the first letters of name and surname – Kvitka Cisuk.

Unique voice

Have Cisyk was a soprano coloratura. Fans in her voice sometimes divined by the violin. It is easily experimented with styles, from jazz to the classics. And was a great success both pop songs and Opera singing. In addition, Kvitka Cisyk mastered the technique, common in the Carpathian villages – the “white voice”.

Thanks to need – a wildly popular

After his father’s death Kvitka were looking for earnings, as they could: it offered a variety of recording companies, singing in new York clubs. So its producers have noticed. Since then, America Cisyk became one of the most famous and expensive artists of Jingles for commercials.

Квитка Цисык – душа Украины: биография известной певицы

At Kvitka was a unique voice that she was pleased until the last days

Her voice sounded in advertising campaigns for Coca-Cola, American Airlines, McDonald’s. For 16 years, and until the end of life, she was the official voice of “Ford motors”. Many Americans still remember the music jingle “Have you driven a Ford lately” performed by kacey Cisyk. For that Ford gave her a car. The same company estimated that Cisyk’s voice is listened to more than 22 billion times, that is several times more than the population of the Earth.

Advertising “Ford motors voice Kvitka

The singer has worked and helped many famous American musicians and producers. He sang backing vocals from Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Also she was invited to participate in the recordings of their albums of famous singers – Michael Bolton, Bob James, Lind Ranstad, Robert Flack.

The Oscar-winning song

In 1978, the song “You light up my life”, performed Kvitka Cisyk in the film, received an Oscar and a Golden globe. The song was also nominated for a Grammy in the category “song of the year”. Cisyk performed in the film, the female lead, however, because of the conflict with the film’s Director her name cut from titles. In the tape Kvitka Cisyk also tried her hand as an actress, playing the role of the girlfriend of the main character.

Ukraine in songs Cisyk

Kvitka Cisyk recorded two Ukrainian-language album, “Kvitka” in 1980 and “Two colors” in 1989. It cost her about 200 thousand dollars. For the record, she hired the best musicians in new York, accompanied by Kvitka her sister Maria, and the correct Ukrainian pronunciation was set by the mother.

The two plates in the 1990 year was nominated for a Grammy award in the category of “contemporary folk”. In Ukraine they were mostly smuggling, people were recording the songs and passed each other. Indeed, in Soviet times the work Cisyk fell under the ban.

No one and nowhere sang a song to my friend Volodymyr Ivasiuk, as did Kvitka
– Kvitka said Nazariy Yaremchuk.

Until we reached a one interview with the participation receipts. It gave the Director of the music ensemble “Chervona Ruta” Alexander Ermine in 1992 during a visit to the United States.

Unique video Quitkey Cisyk, part 1

Unique video Quitkey Cisyk, part 2

Personal life and illness Kvitka

Tsisyk have had two husbands-Americans. Both are musicians, both worked on her Ukrainian songs. Son of ed-Vladimir is also engaged in music and to this day.

Квитка Цисык – душа Украины: биография известной певицы

Kvitka Cisyk with her first husband and son ed-by Vladimir

In 1992 doctors diagnosed Kvitka breast cancer. Promised just a few months, but she lived for 7 years. Kvitka died before reaching five days before her 45th birthday. From the same disease her mother died and sister.