Kyiv land want to give a Russian company

Киевскую землю хотят отдать российской компании

Ukraine is the fifth year confronts Russian aggression. During this period, the war has claimed more than 13,000 lives of the brave defenders of their native land. Ukraine is still struggling to return the annexed Crimea, for the liberation of occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. “A single meter of the Ukrainian land will not give the enemy,” periodically, you hear the call from the stands of the Supreme and regional councils of Ukraine, and often the way it is.

However, the realities give a different picture, where actions do not match with the words in opposite directions. Ironically, today the Russian banks feel comfortable enough in Ukraine. Like the classic invaders, they conquered the country from the inside without any obstacles, even with the support and full cooperation from the representatives of state institutions.

According to the State registry of court decisions, in December 2018, the Economic court of Donetsk region made the decision on collecting from JSC “Confectionery factory AVK” (str) confectionery, including premises and equipment, in favor of “Prominvestbank” (Kiev ), which is a 100% subsidiary of the state Bank of Russia Vnesheconombank. In 2011, AVK opened a credit line in the amount of 1,356,5 billion under a mortgage of the factory in the river. Until 2014, two-thirds of production “AVK” was on the now occupied territories and almost completely focused on the Russian market, which, of course, was lost after the outbreak of hostilities. The owners of Ukrainian companies held negotiations on debt restructuring with the Russian creditors managed to reach an agreement, but not in the case of the state Bank of the Russian Federation.

The aggressor is the invader and does not stop the offensive on all fronts. 8 January was the deadline for filing an appeal. The court allowed the sale of public assets “AVK” to repay the debt, but to whom and on what terms to sell its Russian company? The answer is obvious.

No less dramatic situation unfolding in Kiev.

In June of last year, about hundreds of youths stormed into the capital’s shopping center “Magellan”, damaged the property, seized a shopping and entertainment complex with an area of 28 sq. m. 539,5 in favor of “Sberbank” (previous name: “Sberbank Russia”), whose founder is the Central Bank of Russia. Moreover, from the illegal actions of mercenaries suffered and the company “Shake”, which owns the rights to sublease the seven facilities in the area, and not having any obligations to Sberbank. Then the rough grip of ownership of the Ukrainian companies took place in the framework of the execution of the mortgage contract, and the whole thing allegedly went to the legal framework.

However, this was only the tip of the iceberg, soon began the main process is the attempt of the Russian Bank to take the rent not only the land on which the facility is located, but also the entire land, the lease to which during 49 years belongs to the Ukrainian company OJSC “bankomsvyaz”.

However, if the attempt of the Russian invaders to “all at once” is still possible to understand the efficiency of the Department of land resources of Kyiv city Council on granting in rent of the land belonging to the Kyiv community, to the Russian “Sberbank” is difficult to explain.

22 November 2018 the Department of land resources of Kyiv city Council was the draft decision (PR – 18650) in the case of A-26150 “About transfer to Joint-stock company “Sberbank” (previous name: “Sberbank Russia “) the land for the operation of the community center on prospect Akademika Glushkova, 13/2 in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev “. And in this fateful document proposes to make such a decision: “to Transfer JSC “Sberbank”… in rent for 5 years land area 3,4157 ha… from lands of municipal property of a territorial community of the city of Kiev…”

No matter officials of this Department that the country is fighting with an external enemy, it is the Russian aggression. No matter what the price of enormous losses and suffering of the Ukraine defends its identity and independence. Obviously a private benefit for these people is beyond moral and ethical principles. Special cynicism is that to transfer the land to the Russian company offers a simplified procedure! And the appeal of the company “Shake”, which was registered a month earlier than the conversion of “savings Bank” is left without consideration.

Surprised by the fact that the project of the decision, that is, the desire to transfer land to the Russian company “Sberbank”, Department of land resources violates the decision of the Kyiv city Council (No. 9/2231), dated March 16, 2017 “On business entities of the Russian Federation and under direct or indirect control of natural or legal persons of the Russian Federation directly or indirectly engaged in economic activity in the city of Kiev”. This document clearly stated: “To restore the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine over its entire territory encourage all enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, physical persons – entrepreneurs, engaged in economic activity in the territory of the city of Kiev, to stop all economic activity and economic relations with legal entities of the Russian Federation…” and “to encourage enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, physical persons – entrepreneurs, engaged in economic activity in the territory of the city of Kiev, within one month after the decision to close all accounts to stop the transaction and contracts with banks, financial, insurance and leasing companies, directly or indirectly associated with companies and entities of the Russian Federation”.

Officials of the Department of land resources KSCA ignored existing judicial decision on the implementation of any registration actions with the real estate shopping and entertainment complex on the land plot in question; we ignored the fact that according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine, Sberbank is under sanctions.

Check draft decisions on the lease of land to a Russian Bank, despite the law, common sense, morality is eloquent case of tyranny, collaboration with the enemy of the country.

The question is: will there be enough of the Kiev authorities, headed by Vitaliy Klitschko political will, strength and intelligence to protect the Ukrainian companies not to give land belonging to the people of Kiev for rent, Russian companies? Such hope is, and it is not groundless.

16 January 2019, at the meeting of the standing Committee of Kyiv city Council on issues of legality, law and order and prevention of corruption, it recommended to the Commission of urban planning, architecture and land management to withdraw the draft decision about transfer of land under the shopping center “Magelan”, “savings” and contact the Department of land resources KSCA demanding to withdraw the draft decision referred.

What will be the final decision is still not known, because the last word – for the deputies of Kyiv city Council and the mayor. Do they stand on protecting the interests of Kiev, the interests of all Ukraine, every meter of land which on the front to protect today from the Russian aggressor.