“Kyivmiskbud” sells the house at twice the price cost

«Киевгорстрой» продает жилье в два раза дороже себестоимости

The cost of housing for company “Kyivmiskbud” is 8,5 thousand hryvnia per square meter, while the lowest rates for investors starting from 14-16 thousand. This is stated in the article on Economic truth.

According minregionstroya, the average cost of housing in Kiev is 13,8 thousand UAH.

The company “Kyivmiskbud” reported that announced by the Ministry of digit “zero”. They should add the cost of land, equity contributions and profitability.

“Output to the buyer the price per square meter in Kiev is 15-16 thousand UAH. This is the minimum economically reasonable measure. He can’t be below these figures”, – quoted the head of the company Igor Kushnir.

However, in the financial report of the company for 2017, published on the official website, States that the cost of sales amounted to 2.86 billion UAH. In 2017, the CSC has put into operation more than 330 thousand square meters of real estate, and more than 5 thousand square meters of non-residential premises.

Thus, the cost of construction of one square meter of housing is 8.5 thousand UAH.

In a press-service of “Kyivmiskbud” has recognized that there are 8.5 thousand UAH for “square” is the average cost of housing in the company. Depending on the class of the house and other factors, this figure may vary both upwards and downwards.

According to the portal Lun.ua the cost of apartments in new buildings in Kiev for investors starts from 14-16 thousand UAH per sq m.

The main shareholder of PJSC “HC “Kyivmiskbud” is the Kyiv city state administration (80% stake).