Kyivstar, Vodafone and lifecell tightly pressed in the form of fines or new tariffs

Kyivstar, Vodafone и lifecell жестко прижали: штрафы или новые тарифы

Popular mobile operators in Ukraine may fall out of favor of Prime, if you don’t stop “screwing” the money from subscribers

We are talking about the mobile operators of Ukraine-Kyivstar, Vodafone and lifecell. These companies should promptly, namely within 14 days to revise their tariffs and to cease to charge people a fee every 4 weeks.

Otherwise, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine will initiate the process of tariff revision. In addition, the regulator can impose penalties on providers of telecommunication services.

The antitrust agencies have completed the investigation and render a verdict on the matter April 15.

As you know, beginning in August 2018, providers have begun to translate the part of subscribers on tariffs with tariffs of 28 days, i.e. four-week periods.

Prior to that, the monthly fee is charged per calendar month is 30 or 31 days. With the result that subscribers were forced to pay the operators for the extra 13th month in the year.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine on 12 November opened a case against companies, as seen in their actions signs of violation of legislation on protection from unfair competition.

It is known that the Commissioner of the AMC in the case of Maria Procyshen commented, saying about the inconsistencies found in external and internal documentation for mobile operators.

On Tuesday, March 26, the Commissioner of the AMC Maria Procyshen noted that some operators have started to abandon this practice even before the AMC meeting, and the proceedings will soon be completed.

Of the three mobile operators Vodafone, lifecell and Kyivstar, only the last one of the list continues to insist that the term “subscription fee” means access to the network, and their 4-week billing for the “package”.

Subscription fee for Telecom services is charged by Rules of obtaining and the provision of telecommunications services, approved by Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 295 and it is determined as “calendar month”.

Legislative opportunities to set a different term of settlement from the operator there, so the service charge packets in a four-week period is considered an unfair commercial practice.

The final decision could be adopted on 15 April 2019. It was on this day assigned the final session of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in the case against the operators of mobile services.

Kyivstar, Vodafone и lifecell жестко прижали: штрафы или новые тарифы

Kyivstar, Vodafone и lifecell жестко прижали: штрафы или новые тарифы