Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian starred in a sexy photo shoot for your own flavor

Кайли Дженнер и Ким Кардашян снялись в соблазнительной фотосессии для собственного аромата

The famous sisters and star of the reality show “keeping up with the Kardashians” appeared in a sexy photo shoot for the advertising campaign. However, this shoot Kylie Jenner and Kim Kadrashian differs from all others in that it was organized for their joint project. Sisters release their own fragrance.

In December 2018, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner posed for cosmetic products that are produced in their own brand KKW X KYLIE. Among them was the lip gloss and eye shadow. And the famous sisters presented the following family project, created to release their own fragrance.

The aroma, according to tradition, will have a name, which will appear the names and initials of the American stars – namely, KKW FRAGRANCE X KYLIE. A bottle of perfume the sisters came up with in the form of plump lips, and she starred in a sexy photoshoot for a presentation that will be held on Friday, April 19.

They appeared in tight dresses which clearly defined their curvy shape and a slim waist. Kim Kardashian posed in body unusual shape, revealing one leg, and Kylie Jenner appeared in the same outfit fuchsia behind sisters, so she had to flaunt lush buttocks.